Saturday, 14 March 2009

Crafting In London and Half Price Pro/Tria Markers!

One of my colleagues who also enjoys crafting recently complained to me that there was nowhere decent in London to buy craft supplies., well of course i disagreed!! The trick, i have found, is knowing where to look!

It is true that there are no big craft stores in the centre, but there again, i don't know if there are in the centre of any big city!! However, there are lots of gorgeous little shops dotted around if you know where to find them!

For example there is Blade Rubber Stamps which is a lovely little shop in Bloomsbury, near to the British Museum, which is full of gorgeous papers and rows of rubber stamps! then there is Cass Arts which are dotted around London, there are at least 2 haberdasheries that i know of and then there is at least one Hobby Craft down the Central Line, so we are not badly done by!! :) Does anyone else know of any good craft shops in London that they could recommend?

Speaking of Cass Arts, after reading about how many people love the promarkers, i decided i wanted to give them a go!! Now, i am not the most patient person in the world so i decided i would rather find a shop so i can see and play with them! With this in mind i decided to ring my nearest Cass Art store to see if they had them in stock, well not only did they have them, all the packs are 50% off in the sale...woo hoo!!! needless to say i went scooting down there and bought some - can't wait to play!!

So for any of you pro market/ Tria marker fans lucky enough to live in London, get yourself down to the Cass Art Store on Kensington High Street where all the Pro Marker and Tria Marker sets are on sale!! :)


Maggie Bob said...

I'm with you on trying to find craft shops in London - it's just a case of knowing where to look. I also frequent Blades, and the Cass Art in SoHo (althugh I've been to visit the huge on in Angel, and I'm desparate to go back!).

Another place I like to buy some card making stuff in London is Paperchase - they don't do any brands, but they have their own great line of stickers, brads, buttons, embelishments etc. Plus, I get to look at all the lovely pens and notebooks ;o)